Super Simple City Builder

Mar 30, 2023

Click here to check it out!

I created this as a protype for potential expansion. One of my favorite genres of video games is city builders and I had to try creating something akin to one.

While it’s not very in depth, it does feature a modest game loop involving a higher level state machine that stores the building locations, rotations, and types, as well as the players currency.

It also features a limited variety of “blocks” that influence the player’s currency count.

You can check out the source code here at the public repo: Simple City Builder Repo

Update 04/12/23:

Previous Version

I’ve added some visual updates to my R3F city builder.  The previous version was built using default primitive shapes provided by Three.js.

To add some diversity to the city I modeled, textured, and developed procedural buildings. The highrises you see in the current featured photo are assembled out of several different pieces and assigned a random texture. The layouts are randomly generated each time you select a highrise to place in your city.

I’ve also updated the road textures and the park. The park also includes a simple tree model with random positioning.