Jun 29, 2023

(May 2024: PantryJam is currently down for maintenance, it is being rebuilt as a native iOS and Android application in React Native.)

PantryJam is my latest and largest pet project! I’ve had the idea to create a one-stop recipe site for a while and after spending some time learning Next.js I decided it was time to give it a shot.

The concept behind PantryJam is pretty simple. It’s an application where anyone can browse user created recipes. Users can save recipes to their individual cookbooks or create their own, and (the feature I love the most) select recipes from their cookbook to generate an interactive grocery list!

The idea actually spawned from my desire to simplify my grocery shopping preparation. I wanted an easy way to create a list based on what I planned on cooking any given week.

PantryJam is the first non-portfolio website I designed and built entirely solo. It’s a passion project that I hope others can find use in.

The name itself is meant to evoke a sense of collaboration with the term “Jam” while also referencing a common kitchen storage area. I wanted the name to somehow play on the site’s ability to help you plan your meals and shopping list.

The logo’s icon is a simple lettermark that resembles the shape of a common glass jar (like a mason jar) that one might find in a pantry!

It also (I believe) cleverly hides the initials of PantryJam!

The color scheme of the site is based off of various Jams and Jellies with the primary being similar to Strawberry Jam and the secondary color, Grape Jelly.

The tech stack of PantryJam is built with various JavaScript libraries. The primary framework is react based Next.js. The user authentication is built with the Next/Auth library using Facebook and Google OAuth (A custom login option will be added in a future update.) The database ORM is Prisma. Front-end styles are created using Tailwind css. The site is hosted by Vercel (which works well with a Next.js project) and the database is hosted on Supabase!

PantryJam is still a work in progress. You’ll see that it’s still in an “alpha” phase as I work through my Road Map to 1.0. There are many features I’m working on including design improvements and overall user experience improvements. I had to share it in its current state as I’m thrilled with where it’s at and excited with where it will go!

Feel free to check it out, sign up, and perhaps even contribute!