History of Consoles

Apr 2, 2016

Note: This application was designed for 1920×1080 pixel screens. It is not responsive.

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One of my favorite projects at Museum Arts involved working with the National Video Game Museum in Frisco, TX. When you first walk into the museum you’ll find a massive wall covered in consoles. You’ll also find two large screens with giant SNES controllers set up specifically for this interactive.

Almost every aspect of this project was created by myself. I designed the graphics along the wall and within this application. I staged and took the photographs for each console, the guys as NVM were kind enough to let me borrow them for this purpose. I put all these aspects together in code to create a functioning library of consoles through the years.

Creating the controls for this application was especially fun. My colleague designed the massive SNES controllers and within them are keyboard emulators attached to various buttons and actuators.

The content for each console was written by the team at NVM. Every bit of it is loaded automatically into each page via CSV.