Ability Connection

Nov 27, 2020

Ability Connection’s website has been one of my favorite web development experiences to date. Having volunteered at their Dallas location in the past I felt a personal connection to the subject of the site. Their previous WordPress template had been overloaded with various visual builder tools and had become cumbersome for their team to update. 

When my current employers (HCK2 Partners) was contracted to give this site a new look-and-feel I also made it my mission to improve the experience within the WordPress backend itself. 

To do that I utilized a REACT based Visual Builder tool called Divi. This was something I had very little experience with but throughout the duration of the project I became intimately familiar. HCK2’s VP of Creative had put together the gorgeous design with its ‘smile’ like curves and it was my job to translate it to the somewhat rigid structure of Divi’s page builder. While this site required very little backend coding, it was most definitely an exercise in the limits of CSS.

In the end the project was a wholly gratifying learning experience. I encourage you to check out their new site and learn more about the amazing service this incredible organization provides!